Start Your Salesforce Journey

First Steps Hopefully by now you’re aware of how awesome Salesforce is, what a Salesforce career can bring to you, and some of the paths you can choose to walk down.  You probably have a few obvious questions such as “How do I get started?”, “How long will it take to get started?”, and “How... Continue Reading →

Salesforce Career Paths

Fork in the Road Now that you know a little about me and a little bit about how awesome Salesforce is, it’s time to discuss a different topic, why did I choose it as a career path (and why you should too!).  While Salesforce is a diverse platform and it is becoming increasingly more difficult... Continue Reading →

What is Salesforce?

Background This is a question I get quite a bit from my family and friends alike when I tell them I’m a Salesforce Software Engineer.  While it would probably be shorter to write a post about what Salesforce ISN’T, I’m going to do my best to summarize anyway.  If you have a little bit of... Continue Reading →

Who is Adam Olshansky?

Background That’s a good question, and I’m trying to figure that out myself 🙂  I also wanted to spend some time talking about what my vision for this blog is, why I started it, and what some my goals are (if you don’t have a lot of time, plan to come back later, or just aren’t... Continue Reading →

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