Winter ’23

Check out my favorite new features in Winter '23 including updating related records in record triggered flows, a new System.Assert class, and FLS on Permission Sets

Spring ’22

As another release gets ready to come to an org near you, it’s time to take a look at some of the new features being released in Spring ‘22. Spoiler Alert, a LOT more Flow improvements including a tool to migrate your Workflow Rules and a way to order your Flows!

Dreamforce ’21 Recap

What a week! I was fortunate to be one of the 500 or so that was able to attend the in person Dreamforce in San Francisco (after confirming my vaccination status and 4 negative tests in the week prior and during). As always, there was a ton of information to process but here are my... Continue Reading →

Winter ’22

I expect Slack to be front and center this week at Dreamforce but I’d be shocked if Flow didn’t also take center stage. There’s a ton of new functionality, most of which comes straight from the Apex playbook, but should add a TON of value to this tool. Excited about a few other features in... Continue Reading →

Summer ’21

Trying out a new blog theme. Let me know what you think! Another giant Salesforce release is upon us! Once again, not surprisingly, Flow takes another step forward and we got some awesome new security features to look forward to for the future. Here are my favorite new features from the Summer ‘21 release. Non-Flow... Continue Reading →

Spring ’21

Check out my favorite features in Spring '21! Including using prior values and being able to schedule Flow actions, as well as SELECT * in SOQL and Sandbox Source Tracking!

Summer ’20

Another Summer, another Salesforce release. While this release was delayed and its mascot icon changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Summer ‘20 is finally here. A lot of great new features coming to an org near you and a ton of cool stuff to stay excited about in the future as well! While these features... Continue Reading →

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