Summer ’19

Maybe it was just me, but this release felt a little smaller than past releases (although the 491 pages beg to differ). That being said, while not as flashy as the Lightning Web Components we got in Spring ‘19, there is still a ton of great content in the Summer ‘19 release! Here are my favorites!

Enhanced Related Listsenhanced_related_lists_combo

This is probably my favorite new feature of the release! Finally users will be able to show up to 10 fields in a Related List section and at least (not sure what the limit is) 10 related records! For someone whose records tend to have many related records, I’m super excited to see this in action!

Report Condition Notifications


Another one of my favorites this release, get notified when your reports hit a certain threshold! Cautiously optimistic about this one as I’m guessing it’ll only work for certain conditions, but excited nonetheless! Hopefully it’ll cut down on a few emails at least since I can have my report email me only when I want it to as opposed to having to check it every day.


Celebrate Path Milestones


It was only a matter of time before confetti found its way into the org. Let some confetti fall for your users when they reach a certain stage or milestone in their path. I’m all for anything that makes work more exciting so let the confetti fly!


Pop Out Utility Bar Notes


I’ve worked with a lot of reps who end up taking notes outside of Salesforce, only to find out that they need to be re-entered later, or worse, they don’t get re-entered and the information is lost. Hoping this feature makes it easier to keep reps in Salesforce and keep all the info accurate!


Context Switching from Classic to Lightning

Hopefully you’ve switched over to the Lightning Experience now but if you’re like me you need to switch back to Classic every once in a while. Classic actually looks weird to me now, so as soon as I can, I happily switch back into Lightning. It’s incredibly annoying to have to re-navigate to where I was before. Hopefully switching back to Classic keeps the context too but I’ll take what I can get!

View Records in Full View


Are you missing your record views in Salesforce Classic? Fear not! Now you can view your Lightning records just as they used to look in Classic, complete with all related lists below. It looks like it can be assigned as an Org Default or at Lightning Pages level.



Automation Home


I’m hesitant to get too excited about this feature now, but definitely excited about where it’s going. I don’t use flows too much but if this is extended to Process Builder, I’d love to be able to measure how often my processes are getting used and how often errors are encountered. For now though, Flownatics rejoice!


Flow Builder Improvements


One of my hesitations about getting into Flows was how painful it was to use the UI. While I haven’t actually used Flow Builder yet, I love it already! Undo and Redo buttons as well as Search capability makes it even closer to coding for when Clicks are the answer!


20MB Debug Logs

Logs are crucial as a developer and now Salesforce has really blown the lid off by increasing the log size to a whopping 20MB from 5MB (and recently 2MB)!


Custom Metadata in Process Builder

Custom Metadata becomes even stronger thanks to the ability to now use them in Process Builder! With the increase to 200 Custom MDT records in this release as well, there’s more reason than ever to use them wherever you can!


Lightning Prompts


This is another feature I’m cautious to get too excited about until I start playing with it but I love the idea of being able to create in-app training for my users! Too often I’m finding myself closing tickets with links to existing documentation because a user forgot how to do something or a new user is onboarded without reading the documentation. Now I can make sure those users don’t get stuck again!


Those are my favorites but if I missed any that you love, let me know!

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